Laura Schaffer (Program of Liberal Studies)

I can't help being concerned about the potential removal of theology requirements from the Core Curriculum.  My ND theology requirements, one of which I took through PLS and the other through the department itself, are honestly among the most valuable courses of my college experience.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Professor Mongrain's Christian Theological Tradition changed my life, for it influenced my perspective on the world and its relationship to God.  It helped me to understand my faith as a love affair rather than a series of imposed (albeit correctly imposed) tenets, and it allowed me to appreciate the personal, intellectual and richly beautiful Faith in its paradoxical mystery.

Professor Johnson's Liturgical Theology class then built on this foundation by shedding new light on the Liturgical Year as a cycle through which we seek to express and pursue the mystical relationship between God and man, celebrating it in its past and future by a kind of incarnation in the liturgical present.  As a Catholic who had attended Mass my whole life, I came to realize, through this class, the beautiful complexity and the living fulness of the Faith in its concrete manifestations.

The value of ND's required theology courses cannot be overstated.  Had it not been for these requirements, I might easily have missed out on courses which deeply informed my understanding of what it means to be a human being truly alive in the world.

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